Exclusive Interview With Big Baby About New Song "Jelly"

I got a chance to interview Tampa rapper Big Baby about his new song “Jelly” which premiered last week on Elevator Magazine. I also got a chance to see Big Baby and the whole Scumbag crew perform on Trap Friday and their energy on stage is nothing less but contagious. Here is what Big Baby had to say:

Is Tampa where you were born and raised? 

Yeah, born & raised Tampa baby.

How did scumbag start and when?

Scumbag World started roughly around spring/summer of 2014. It started with Skinny Scumbag, Lil Scumbag & Pablo Vasquez (photographer/director). Skinny Introduced me to Pablo for the first time during a video shoot. Lil Scum & Skinny had already been doin their thing before I joined Scumbag World. I wasn’t rapping at the time but I was always the type of nigga to freestyle if there was a beat playing. Skinny seen my potential and started letting me record in his studio every day. Skinny, Lil, & myself have known each other since youngins.

For those who are asking, what is jelly?can you break down the meaning and inspiration?

Jelly was inspired by a song by a dude named Cadillac Don. The lyrics were “Inside peanut butter, outside jelly. 7 days of the week, 7 different Chevy’s.” I just liked the song a lot and wanted to put my flavor on it. I don’t think he’s from Florida but everything about the song/video had the Florida vibe to it. As far as the meaning, there is no meaning. It just sounds raw as fuck.

Explain the nascar attire you’re seen rocking in the video, you’re a fan? 

I’m not a fan. I’d never pretend to be a fan. I just like the overall look of NASCAR tee’s, jackets, hats, etc. I’m from Tampa. NASCAR jackets have been a thing out here since the early 2000’s. Everybody got one. The urban community took it and put our own swag on it. We made it look cool to wear.

Did you think jelly was going to get so much attention so quickly?

Yeah. I feel like Jelly was a breath of fresh air in a world of everybody wanting to sound the same. 2016 is lacking a lot of originality. You’re going to know it’s a Big Baby track when you hear it. You feel me? I just have my own thing goin on.

What are some other of your memorable songs you’ve recorded for those who are new here?

I dropped my first single called “Tha Trenchez” early 2015. Earlier this year, I dropped a song called “Diamond Kutz”. They both have visuals directed by Pablo Vasquez.

Who are some artist you would like to collab with in the near future?

There’s a few but I’ll limit it to 5 artists. OJ Da Juicemane, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys, Lil B, Waka Flocka, & Spooky Black.

What’s next for big baby?

Who knows.

We appreciate Big Baby giving us the interview and you can check out the video below.