John Geiger Pays Homage To Pittsburgh

John Geiger is a name you’ve probably seen around social media or somewhere on the internet but did you know the reason you might have seen his name is due to the fact that he’s one of the most influential people in the sneaker game today.

John is a Pittsburgh native and an interview with Complex in 2014, he says he first got into sneakers because he saw everyone wearing the same stuff and didn’t want to follow that same path. “I just like putting things together that aren’t suppose to be.”

Geiger recently teased us with a preview of a shoe pays complete homage to his hometown of Pittsburgh. The design is lasered on Nike Air Force Ones and reads “For Pittsburgh, By Pixburgh, John Geiger ’16. The other shoe, which you can see in the photo above has what John calls “New P”. The release date is set for August 5th-6th and is exclusively for Pittsburgh residents only so you may have a hard time getting a pair.