Meet the Creator: Parker Jeppsen

The new kid that’s bringing something new to the table.

We constantly remind our readers that the youth are the new masterminds in this generation’s sense of fashion. The constant efforts of Parker and his team at Absent have brought new life into the streetwear market. Bringing the edge back to the field while still keeping its own sense of identity. We finally got a chance to talk to Parker and get in his head as his newest full collection is upon us.

For those unfamiliar with you; who are you and where are you from?

My name is Parker. I’m 19 years old clothing designer. I’m from a small town outside of Salt Lake City, UT. I’m currently based out of Chicago Illinois and I own and operate Absent

Where did you come up with the name Absent for your brand?

To be honest there’s no crazy deep meaning behind the brand I just liked how it looked, the typography looks beautiful, the way it sounds, it’s easy to remember and its nothing too crazy. Short and sweet, kind of different than the brand though because we be putting out crazy ass pieces you’d think a high end name brand designer put out though.

When did you start Absent? Was it by yourself?

I started Absent right after I graduated high school last year in 2018. At the time it was just me, but I have since added my brother Unathletic as my co-owner / co-designer for our clothing brand.

Who did the designs for your early pieces?

Everything up until now has either been myself, Unathletic, or our boy August. There’s certain pieces that we’ve had our friends commissioned on but for the most part its Unathletic and myself!

Me and Unath linked up around August of last year, so just over a year ago. To be honest I can’t remember the first shit we made together because we have a folder that has almost 1,000 unused design. Me and this man deadass do not stop working on new concepts and designs.

Sam of Half Evil seems to be a good friend of yours. How did that relationship come about?

That’s bro fr, I was introduced to sam by homie George who works for Lyrical Lemonade 10 months ago and he’s been my business partner / good friend since.

You’ve recently moved to Chicago. How does living in the Windy City inspire the work you produce today?

It’s crazy man. With this job I’m able to travel a lot and I’m exposed to a lot of city life, so I see how people move in different city atmospheres. I would never claim a city I’m not from, but theres no vibe like the city of Chicago. We’re really building something crazy that I think will be looked back on as an iconic piece of streetwear history down the line. Being inspired for me doesn’t really have to do with the city I’m in, more so the people I surround myself with through my daily life and just having ideas come to me or Unathletic.

Are there any artist or brands that you would like to collaborate with?

I’m about to drop a collaboration with my long time favorite brand Menace in December. Seriously been my favorite brand since I was in high school, and Steve and I have been working on this collection together since March.

So where do you see Absent in the next year?

I’m slowing moving absent towards being a higher end streetwear brand and less of a t shirt brand even though it was never that. Just moving differently because thats what got me to where I’m at today.

Have you ever thought about holding a fashion show to debut a new collection?

Thats something I want to do down the line once I’m more established. The goal is Paris fashion week with my own show but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

What was the inspiration behind Absent’s newest collection?

A lot of the pieces are very intricate cut & sew pieces, just shit that we’ve had in the archive that we finally have the tools to produce and bring to life. I’m so proud of this collection man. It’s crazy to feel the growth from a year ago, like fr fr life crazy.

How many pieces will be included in the collection and how did you end up on that number?

28 including colorways. It all makes sense.

Will it be an online only drop or certain stores will be stocked with your pieces?

For the most part every absent release will be online to keep exclusivity where it is, but I will be stocked in select stores in Chicago so keep an eye out for that

Outside of clothes what else do you see Absent creating in the future?

I want to start making short films again because that’s what originally got me into art and clothing in the first place. I’m working on something to put out next year. So keep an eye out for that. On my Wes Anderson bullshit fr fr.

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