H33M Ends the Decade with Mobile Suit Sweats, Skateboard Decks and More

Juggernaut brand H33m looks to end the decade with a bang and does just so with the brand’s newest pieces of reflective sweats.

Most notably of H33m’s delivery is the brand’s Mobile Suit Sweats, dubbed the Chest and Suit Legs online, which will come in a black/3M and the iridescent “Unicorn” colourway. Alongside sweats being updated to the site will be ceramic mugs, clocks, and a range of eight skateboard decks whose graphics are inspired by the likes of Mobile Suit Gundam, anime women, and more.

With H33m having an undeniably impressive showing in 2019, their upcoming release is just the first of many for the brand going into the New Year. Be sure to checkout images below of the release, which will drop at midnight on January 1, 2020.