Meet the Creator: Sean Alexander

Creating brilliant things over at brllantmnds.

Casual Fridays is using the 4th quarter to hit the refresh button on the content we create. It’s time for us to build with the community we helped form, and do even more to get creators out there for more eyes to see. Welcome to our new segment called ‘Meet the Creator’ where we will introduce our audience to the creators of many aspiring brands throughout the world. We’ll not only talk about their brands and background, but more into where they stand on certain topics and the state of the world as it evolves everyday. First up in line is S3an Alexander, Designer/Creative Director for brllantmnds.

Where are you from, and was your childhood like?

I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. My childhood was pretty cool. I grew up in a house, well multiple houses, w/ my mom and sister. We moved around a lot, but I think I gained more good than bad from that.

Did you always have a sense of creativity or did that develop as you got older?

I would say I always had a sense of creativity. I was a rapper in 3rd grade through high school and it kind of evolved from there. I was always the kid that could draw as well so creativity has always been there. Just had to cultivate it more as I got older.

Were there any black figures during your younger years that made you look at the world or art differently?

In my younger years I always looked to the rappers for what was “cool.” I paid a lot of attention to what they wore and how they wore it. Jay-Z and Lil Wayne were probably my biggest influences at that age. As I got older I was more influenced by people like Wale, Pharrell, Kanye, and Cudi fashion & art wise. Those styles weren’t really the norm growing up almost seemed as if it was reserved for the “artsy” kids and that was interesting to me.

Have there ever been instances in your life where you have experienced racism in either your field of work or personal life.

Of course, it was always covered up though. A lot of it I didn’t realize was racially motivated until I got older. Unfortunately, we become accustomed to being treated differently in these environments. They hide it behind words like perception and things like that but it’s all the same thing to me.

When did you start brllantmnds?

I started brllantmnds originally in 2011 fresh out of high school.  Really at that time it was just learning what I liked and what I wanted to do. We didn’t actually begin actual production until 2017.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

There is not really one answer to this question. It was inspired by everything that inspires me, and honestly that changes regularly. I feel like it’s more of an aspiration if anything, an end goal.

What has been your favorite collection you’ve made thus far?

My favorite one so far is probably between my FLOWERS drop in May 2020 and my Undeniable drop in August 2020. Both of these have some of my favorite rollouts thus far.

Are you voting in this year’s election? If so can you explain how important it is to vote?

Honestly, I’m undecided. I know it should technically be an easy yes but this year its not as easy. The world is in such an odd place. I will say do your own research and vote for who you believe in. Not who the internet or family members tell you to.

Who are some positive figures that people should know about that are making change within their communities?

Some of the people I look to are designers like Joe Freshgoods and Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss. It’s always cool to see how those guys push the envelope on helping where they can even if it’s just bringing awareness to certain subjects.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2020?

My plans are simply to continue to weather the storm. I’m newly self employed and taking on brllantmnds full time in a pandemic hasn’t been the easiest. I just hope to continue to deliver quality content for everyone to enjoy, and continue to put myself in position to grow and appeal to a larger audience.