Felt x The Batman Is Now Available

A serious collaboration.

Molded and grown from the streets of Miami, Felt rises again with their latest collection, featuring collaborative efforts from an iconic, caped crusader.

The official Felt x THE BATMAN collection displays a range of stylized garments more than capable of enthralling supporters of both the brand and moral-driven hero. Starting off strong, three new tee’s introduced pay direct homage to the vigilante duo of Batman and Catwoman, while the third is tributed to the puzzle-obsessed and villainous Riddler. For those looking for heavier garments, the collection includes two sets of matching hoodies and sweatpants, one symbolic of the bat signal while the other based on the premise of the vigilante taking vengeance on those who cause harm to Gotham. From the collection, the following parallel is evident – as Batman is what Gotham needs him to be, so is Felt to the streetwear scene. 

Between the quality of the collection and Felt pieces being frequently adorned by high-profile individuals alike, this collection is a no-brainer for those fans of the brand and Batman storyline. Be sure to check out their online store to snag a piece for yourself, as the collection is currently available.