Half Evil Cooked Up a Halloween Capsule With the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Chicago based streetwear brand Half Evil dips into their spooky side with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre collaboration. Featuring shirts, pants, skateboard decks, and other oddities in this drop: all horror themed. Spicing it up, Half Evil crafted a Cut & Sewn TCM shirt adorned with a graphic in Spanish. The shirt comes in a red and a black colorway. This is the only tee with a relaxed fit in this collection.

The Leatherface Denim Pants a part of the release have, as you guessed it, the psycho killer gracing the front of the pants. On the rear are two victims running, kind of a rarity it isn’t the same print on either side. This drop eerily shares similarity to when brands such as Blind would create a graphic alluding to Jason Vorhees from the “Friday The 13th” horror series. Or even when Supreme collabed with Hellraiser. 

Whether or not you and your boo are looking to get dressed up this year for Halloween, find yourself some fire spooky gear in this limited Half Evil x Texas Chainsaw Massacre capsule.