5 Vintage Instagram Pages You Need To Follow

Instagram has quickly become a go to resource for all things clothing related, vintage is no exception. This week we pulled together a set of IG pages packed with vintage goods. Whether you are looking for inspiration or ready to drop some cash, these 5 pages are a go to resource.

This will be the first post in an installment of articles to follow. Stay tuned as we bring you an offering of curated IG pages that the CF team is feeling.


If you are on the hunt for vintage band tees then say no more. Tee Jerker has a webstore and Instagram brimming with true rock band shirts you’ve never seen before. The London based site has hit it off and quickly become one of the best resources for worn in band tees.



An all around destination shop for vintage graphic goods from branded to licensed tees, US Vintage has a top notch selection. You are sure to find something that tickles your fancy here. You can peep new products daily on their IG page and purchase through their depop account.


Did you just find a sweet vintage item and need to share it to the world? Hit up True Vintage Gallery on their IG for a curated selection of thrift finds from users nationwide. Posting things like streetwear come ups, Polo grails, and classic sneaker finds. Be prepared follow a slew of new accounts after a cruise through their profile.


One of the best collections of affordable vintage goods hand picked by the Depop legend himself Samuel Poole. Offering a huge selection of reasonably priced pieces with character his IG page is a mere sampling of whats for sale. You can peep the selection here or schedule an appointment at his showroom in Richmond, CA.


Don’t you wish it was still the 90’s? Detrokcity is the ultimate page for those of us stuck in our grunge phase. Vintage merch from bands like Alice In Chains, Sound Garden and NIN plaster their feed. And yes they do have a ton of great Nirvana tees too. Buy, sell, trade and peep their IG page here.