A Closer Look at Hybrid’s “The Books Wedding” Collection

To some, starting a clothing brand means buying a bunch of blank tees and screen printing a logo or a bootleg design and presto, you’re now a clothing brand. For a lot of brands, that is the recipe in the beginning but for those who’ve been doing it long enough, know that progression is the key to longevity in any industry. Along with a bunch of other stuff but we’ll stick to the topic of progression for now. 

One company that has been showing signs of progression from the start; and even has it in their name is the multidimensional Toronto based brand, Hybrid. 

Hybrid, owned by Champ Champagne, unofficially started back in 2015 and officially started in 2019. The first few years Champ and his team spent time learning the industry and perfecting their craft of cut-n-sew. When asked about why they don’t print tees, Champ replied “Our team is best at original garments. We find it easier to tell the story through certain cuts and seams. We have no passion in graphics.”

We’ve covered Hybrid since our inception back in 2015 and we can verify we‘ve never seen a graphic tee from the brand. We wanted to find out more about Hybrid after seeing their latest collection titled ” The Book Wedding [Second Skin]. The capsule is unique to say the least and had us curious about their creative process. When asked about it, Champ said the process is similar to most brands; “Find the theme, build outfits, ensure it tells the story we want, sample, shoot products and release.”

I wanted to find out the inspiration behind Hybrid’s latest collection and Champ stated ” The capsule is inspired by our new fabric developed alongside a key partner mill. The fabric is a randomly milled rubberized web where the webbing acts as visual demonstrating relationships between story of a capsule and its physical form. This webbing being see through helps connect you to that chaotic story. 100+ hours in each garment. From initial manufacturing of the fabric (which come in 16”x16” squares only) to fusing it all together. After that we have to take 70+ hours into sewing each garment together. Making a skeleton of the body & attaching accordingly.

Like I stated in the beginning, progression is the word of the day and Hybrid is excelling at it. Never the same idea or piece every time and with each garment being cut and sewn, you can find comfort in knowing that there are only a limited number of people with the same item. 

To finish my conversation with Champ I asked  what fashion means to Hyrid and the vision going forward, Champ stated, The vision is forward contemporary menswear. We always will push for the unachievable and deemed impossible for our size. Fashion is our world. The only thing that matters is our story were telling being represented through our clothes.”

You can now purchase “The Books Wedding [Second Skin] capsule now for a limited time at hybridclothing.cc.