Bathed in sunlight, decorated with lonesome gas stations – steaming roads that cut through the winding peaks and thick forests – slicing through the brown, dusty carpet that stretches out towards the ocean. Mountains casting shadows across lakes, moonlight illuminating the desert – lost people searching for their place under a familiar sky.”

Reese Cooper, the young Los Angeles based designer, has a unique knack for storytelling in which he portrays flawlessly through his personal brand. His latest FW20 womenswear collection “Wind Chill” recently debuted in Paris from February 27th to March 3rd, in which we saw a range of statement pieces that reinforce his narrative.

The installments lookbook showcases a variety of different styles – all stemming from his vintage Americana look intertwined with the great outdoors. Wool varsity jackets, double-layered cupro skirts, and taped cargo trousers appear time and time again throughout the lookbook, enveloped by subtle earth tones. Thermoreactive puffer jackets drive the collection home, along with the use of natural patterns and colors like the sycamore tree bark camouflage print used on some of the denim pieces. Cooper recently incorporated a new wash technique for denim pieces called “wiser wash,” which uses less than one cup of water, adding to his ongoing sustainability initiative.

As we wait for the official release date for “Wind Chill,” take a look at some of the new styles in the collection lookbook.

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