As a reminder to place happiness above all else, the Absurd ‘Positivity’ collection aims to prompt us all to look on the brighter side of every situation.

Absurd returns to promote positivity through the release of an array of pieces, ranging from hoodies to bucket hats. Each piece is meant to remind us all to enjoy life, with designs featuring inspiration from taking the idiom to “kill them with kindness” literally, the chemical formula for the happiness-inducing serotonin, outlining fundamentals of happiness, and many others. Retail for the collection will range from $15 to $40, with each 0rder including a free shirt and stress ball.

Absurd and their ‘Positivity’ collection is a refreshing reminder for us all in this day of age of how important, and underrated, happiness is. Check out images below of the collection, and be sure to cop a piece of the brand’s lofty initiative when it drops August 31st at 6 PM EST.

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