The ACTION-REACTION° SS19 collection, titled ‘BEAM’, is a commentary on industrialization and how the processes involved have accelerated our carbon footprint/emissions. As a result, we notice and experience the seasonal effects of an increasingly warmer climate.

Inspired by the heat and humidity of my hometown Houston Texas, the lookbook/campaign brings a sense of urgency to a rapidly evolving climate. The collection provides a range of pieces that are technically designed to accommodate the wearer.

From fabric selection to silhouette; each of the garments aim to keep the wearer as cool as possible during the hottest months. Textured water-resistant nylons are juxtaposed with free flowing polyesters. Reflective piping, flaps, zippers, contrast stitching and lightweight fabrics are used to further the narrative of combating the elements. Drawcord fastenings are also placed throughout; giving the wearer freedom to alter their silhouette. One of their main goals was to maintain a sense of elegance through functional, utilitarian wear. For them, providing options to alter these silhouette links back to how lack of accountability in a first world industrial society has and will continue to shape our future.

You can shop the new collection here.

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