Against Lab is back with their beautiful “Endless Summer” release. With this collection, the brand keeps supporters cool in hot weather and good vibes from ending anytime soon.

For this collection, the brand delivers many aesthetically pleasing pieces. For example, a satin short-sleeve button-up the brand presents a chaotic storm of Against Lab branding throughout, yet is super clean at the same time. Other loud pieces in the collection include two versions of the floral long-sleeve shirts with Against Lab branding on back and a tie-dyed shirt. Alongside, the brand is releasing a variety of tee’s with different designs on both black and white based tees. Aside from clothes, accessories for the release include tote bags in black, olive, and mustard and logo basketball.

Against Lab’s willingness to push boundaries has resulted in the creation of a beautiful, summer release. With a collection like this, be sure to keep up with Against Lab as this is just one example of what the brand is capable of. For now, checkout images below of the now available collection and cop here.
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