Emerging Norwich-based streetwear brand Agora has joined forces with French artist Laurent Folco for its new summer capsule.

The collection, which features 3 sweatshirts and two pairs of pants, treads in familiar territory for Agora; mixing high contrast colors with tidy embroidery. Collaborative artist Laurent Folco is a Cannes-based painter who was headhunted by Agora for his work with contemporary cubist portraits. Folco adopts Picasso and Braque’s style of depicting a single subject from multiple perspectives, but lends a pop-art touch by adding vivid color blocking and thick black outlining. The capsule’s sweatshirts feature embroidered chest patches and can be mix and matched with either pair of cropped checked pants.

Flip through the capsule lookbook above and head over to Agora’s online store to shop the pieces here.

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