Bape Set To Drop Their New Year Bags 

BAPE® has announced their 2017 New Year Bags which is part of the traditional New Year’s Day sale. You have your choice between shoulder bags, a BATHING APE®, a BAPE®, and a BABY MILO® version. 

The BAPE® backpack is priced at $284 for adults and $241 for kids and includes Ape head logo coach JK, BAPE® logo hoodie and a tee. 

The black BATHING APE® shoulder bag is priced at $541 and includes military jacket, full zip hoodie, slim sweat pants and eyewear in 2way bag. 

The BABY MILO® backpack is priced at $284 for adults, $241 for kids and includes a BABY MILO® light down jacket JK, Raglan sleeve crew neck, and a tee. 

The items will be available at BAPE® NY and on on January 2nd, 2017.