Best Drops of 2018

This has been a crazy year for the fashion and footwear industry. With 2018 coming to a quick end, there’s nothing like a trip down memory lane for some of the brands and creatives that absolutely killed it this year. We’ve put a together a list of the 15 best drops we’ve covered in 2018.

Absent’s “Heaven & Hell” Airbrush Tees

Absent has had an amazing 2018 to say the least. The release of their “Heaven & Hell” airbrushed tees really sparked the fire for the brand. Air brushed tees quickly became the trend for the year. From there on, brand owner Parker Jeppsen found himself putting out some of the best designed pieces of the year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Absent next.


Patricia Rae’s “Death Metal” Turtlenecks

Patricia Rae had one of the more interesting takes on a classic piece this year. Their “Death Metal” turtlenecks had timelines on fire. The school picture approach to a lookbook helped present the theme of the piece in a perfect way. The hardcore imagery mixed with the soft material is a perfect contrast and the neck detailing is a perfect touch. Patricia Rae continued to create some fire handmade pieces throughout the year following this amazing piece.


Wckdthghts Fights Hate With Kluxbusters Part 02

LA’s own Wckdthghts had to make it on the list with their “Kluxbusters” collection. With the help of the west coast rapper Dom Kennedy, they debuted a slick lookbook showcasing the well put together pieces. None of the designs were too over the top, and the message was displayed clear and decisive. Promising things are on the horizon for Wckdthghts if they continue the path they are on.


Kristopher Kites Highly Sought After “Conversation Pieces”

The Chicago creative Kristopher Kites has changed the face of the jewelry game with his “Conversation Pieces”. Characters from different worlds all are displayed in his series of handmade jewelry. The series quickly gathered the spotlight when Vogue decided to cover the young creative. From then on he’s had collabs with J Balvin at ComplexCon and RSVP Gallery in downtown LA. Be on the lookout for the next move from the young creative. He has a lot in store for 2019.


John Geiger Revealed His 002 Sneaker

John Geiger is making waves for sneaker-heads who have a dream of creating their on shoe. He had success with his 001 model, but when he revealed the 002’s everyone knew that he was up to something. You saw celebrities such as Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert styling the shoes on Instagram soon after. That lead many other public figures wanting to get their hands on a pair. Three other colorways have dropped since then and have all raised the bar for creators alike. Nike has been known to bite the some of John’s earlier creations. Will they try the same his newest silhouette in 2019? Only time will tell.


Burma Drops Off Their Holiday ’18 Capsule

Burma ended their 2018 with a fantastic holiday capsule. The lookbook was pretty straightforward, but the details within the lookbook is what made it stand out. The use of an attractive model covered in Burma tattoos was a nice touch. Pieces from the capsule referenced heavy metal influences which is on the rage right now. If Burma continues to create collections of pieces as great as these you can expect them to return to the list next year.

Doomsday Sets Footwear on Fire

Making original footwear is not an easy task at all. Doomsday managed to release two amazing pairs of sneakers. The “Joan” and “Run For Cover” sneakers were standouts this year. Low top kicks with eye catching designs; Doomsday delivered big time. Lets hope for more heat from the brand in the new year.


Joe Freshgoods Linked Up With Verdy In Tokyo To Bring Us An Insane Collaboration Tee

Joe Freshgoods had a career year, From countless collabs with big and small brand to his world tour with DBM; Joe has found himself creating a legacy within one year. His collaboration with Japanese designer Verdy is a standout moment of 2018. Two upcoming designers linking for limited pieces that appease all streetwear lovers alike. The two have a knack for having timelines in a frenzy when new pieces are revealed. So when the two linked we knew that something special was coming. Let’s hope the two put out more pieces together in 2018.


Holiday Shows Their Love For Dogs With Their National Dog Day Collection

Holiday always drops crazy collection for each holiday. Their National Dog Day collection stood out upon the rest. I guess the love for dogs goes a long way. The pieces within the collection showed love to various dogs. So it was only fitting that the lookbook, orchestrated by Nick Holiday, had man’s best friend accompanying the models. The heart warming collection was just one of many that had all our attention this year.


FTP Teamed Up With DC Shoes For a Legendary Collaboration

FTP is quickly becoming the next Supreme in terms of creating culture with every release. When they revealed that they were collaborating with DC Shoes we knew they didn’t care about following trends, but more about creating their own. Shortly after this consumers started to have their eyes on more skateboard shoes. The pop up the brand had in LA was insane. A vast amount of people showed up to support and the shoes sold out quickly. FTP has a lot in store for us. There is no telling what direction they will go next.


Felt Taps XLarge For FXLT Collection

The good people over at Felt had an amazing year. They’ve had their fair share of collaborations this year, but their collab with XLarge made waves. Collaborating with Japanese brands is not an easy task. To be able to collide and create a collection that caters both audiences deserves some applause. Pieces from this drop were found on many influencers soon after. Hopefully a restock of these pieces will be on the horizon, or better yet another collection from the two.


Brigade USA Delivered An Official Lookbook For Capsule With Moros

Brigade USA managed to surprise us all with one of the most creative lookbooks of the year for their “Brigade vs Moros!” collaboration. A stop motion film was attached to a full lookbook for a collaboration with graffiti artist Moros. We even got to get an in depth interview to go with the behind the scenes footage Brigade released. This had to be one of our favorite drops of the year with the creative level being as high as it was.


The Absurd Gaming Collection

Absurd has pioneered a new wave within streetwear culture. New age gamers are some of the main consumers of streetwear these days. Absurd has taken advantage of his Twitch and created a new online community. Attaching a collection to go along with fun interactive streams made for an experience that’s genuine. Absurd is ready to take on the gaming world and we are all for it.


Tyler Grosso Supplied a Superrradical Black Friday Collection

Tyler Grosso had one of the most interesting years. We kept up with the creative while he lives his rockstar lifestyle to see what new fire collection will he drop next. He took the opportunity to release a Superrradical Black Friday collection. Pieces flew off the site knowing that it might be awhile before his next creation is finished. Tyler is a very promising creative. Lets look to see what’s the next step in his journey.


Half Evil Gave Us Something To Be Thankful For

Half Evil without a doubt were the fan favorite brand of the year. With every release the numbers have increased for the Chicago based brand. Numerous collaborations proved that Half Evil is a brand looking to make some relationships with very promising creatives. On Thanksgiving they gave us a collection of limited pieces in the form of jackets, rings, and more. Half Evil has previewed their line up of collabs to come in 2019 and we can’t wait to see whats in store.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone that continued to support us throughout the year. We push to support everyone in the culture from all over the world. We hope that you all have enjoyed the ride this year and join us as we release the first issue of our magazine next year. See you in 2019.