Black Owned Businesses You Should Check Out in 2020

Another year has passed and the black creatives of the fashion world are still striving more than ever. They have taken the streetwear game to the next level and have brought new and refreshing energy. No matter the gender, black creatives are the blueprint for the culture. Here is this year’s list of black owned businesses that you should spend your money with.


Bluboy is a man of many talents being a designer, creative director, and CEO of WNTD Apparel. In 2019 he designed the merch for Atlanta artist 2Chainz for his album Rap or Go to the League. Following the success of that he continued to release his own personal collections under his WNTD Apparel brand creative viral products such as “Twin Reaper” caps. 2020 is looking bright for him as he has collaborated with Sprite designing products for the launch of their new “Ginger” flavor. He recently dropped his “Art is War” collection with a second installment entitled “C-4 RELOADED” dropping March 13th. The countdown has commenced on WNTD Apparels site here.


Ian Woods, formerly known as Poserboy, is known for his unorthodox art style; mixing mediums in a way that most new artists wouldn’t even fathom of doing. He started getting very popular as he worked with AWGE in 2016. He often switches his art style on his current state in life. As of late he has used construction paper to bring his ideas to life. His prints usually sell out fast so when they are available you must move fast. Follow his account here to see more of his art and details as to when the next time prints will be available.



Founded by Young Corey, Circulate is next on our list. The idea of the brand comes from the idea of the life span of clothing. How pieces circulate from person to person withstanding the test of time if lucky. The brand sets themselves apart by straying away from trends and sticking to what they know. Their latest collection for instance is inspired by all the Jazz legends of our past and the fictional “Les Circulate Cabaret” in Paris France where they would’ve played. You can purchase a piece while supplies last here.



BODY! by Raven Tracy has quickly become one of women’s favorite brands as they offer swimsuits and loungewear for all shapes and sizes and makes sure to promote the exception of all body types. What took the brand to the next level is when Kylie Jenner was found wearing pieces as she continues to do to this day. Just recently she was found in a bodysuit for Valentine’s Day. Head over to their official site to find the perfect piece for your body here.



Since we covered Raven it would only be right to add her fiancé, Ian Conner, brand Sickö Born From Pain. If you aren’t familiar with the brand; they make more exclusive pieces often selling out within minutes no matter the price point. They’ve had the likes of many illlustrious names such as Drake, Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, Sheck Wes and more spotted wearing their work. Ian works closely with T-Rex Global using his art to take the pieces to the next level. All items are currently sold out now but you can follow their Instagram to see when the next drop will take place. You can check out some of the previous items released on their web-store here.



Pyer Moss was founded in 2013 by Kerby Jean-Raymond. Kerby describes his brand as an “art project” or “a timely social experiment”. Pyer Moss aims to use their voice and platform to challenge social narratives and evoke dialogue from their consumers. The Pyer Moss collections are produced in New York City, Italy and Portugal. Pyer Moss is sold limitedly and in no particular schedule at exclusive high-end boutiques worldwide. In 2018, Pyer Moss launched their highly anticipated collection with Reebok named “Reebok by Pyer Moss” as part of their newly announced partnership with the staple footwear brand. Shop their latest collection online here.



LAUNDERED WORKS CORP  (LAUNDEREDfor short) is a multi-disciplinary design studio , specializing in high quality and luxury design products. A passion project from creative director Chaz A. Jordan, LAUNDERED is the culmination of his near-decade of brand building & precision in the fashion industry to create a world of his own as he sees it. You can find LAUNDERED on the runway or even at major sporting events such as the recent All Star weekend in Chicago worn by 2Chainz. Learn more about the brand and Chaz here.



Vague USA is a streetwear brand, launched in 2015, made around the idea of having “no specific vision” to test the concept of having formlessness through the brand. Essentially Vague is a mash up of ideas from various sources of influence. Every collection has different backstories to tie back into the overall theme of the brand. In theory each collection can be its own brand. Select pieces are available on their web-store here.



C/o of Heartboy, Crispysz, has created a formidable streetwear brand that is playful and concise on every drop they release. Taking themselves serious, but yet not too serious as to where the brand looses its bright and almost innocent look. We are keeping a close eye on HBY to see where they take things next. The brand put out their last capsule back in January entitled the “Denver” capsule. You can grab a piece from the capsule here.



Calling PLACES+FACES an online portfolio would be an understatement. They produce some of the best events, books, and merch around. They capture the spirit of the youth throughout the world in a raw fashion. Only on their site and accounts will you find rare looks of Rihanna at Yam’s Day, or portraits of Nigo in Paris of all places. Their merch is very reasonably priced as well. Head over to their site to purchase one of their magazines or a piece of merch as supplies last here.



This young creative from Chicago has taken the fashion world by storm and is sure to be a household name in the near future. Kristopher Kites creates almost priceless jewelry, Conversation Pieces, made with action figures and other one of a kind items. His selection is so vast in fact that it’s hard not to find a piece that you don’t like. He was featured in Vogue in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. With each release the prices rise and so does the rarity. There are still some Conversation Pieces left on his site for purchase here.



Founded in 2018, the American-based fashion label RECLUSIONISM by Darryl Guilbeaux is the outcome of creatively connecting abstract art and architectural design systems mixed with avant-garde style design concepts and art forms input into wearable concepts. Check out their new available pieces here.




HELLBOUND CLUB is fairly new to us at Casual Fridays but they have already made enough of an impression to make it onto this years list. They don’t release as often as other brands on this list but they definitely have created a buzz for themselves with each drop that does come out. Their aesthetic is found in the name with the motto “Heaven’s at capacity” attached. Once their store opens back up you’ll be able to snag a piece here.




Joe Freshgoods, aka the T-Shirt Papi, has had another stellar year. He has successfully brought not only his brand to the limelight, but has made sure to bring the same light to his comrades at Fat Tiger Workshop. He recently snagged a deal with New Balance; creating his own shoe, DBM x NB merch, as well as designing a colorway of Kawhi Leonard’s OMN1S sneaker. He is on a tear and there is no telling what is next for the Westside Chicago native. Joe has placed some of the DBM x NB collab online. Grab a piece while supplies last here.



Speaking of being on a tear; Anwar Carrots has been on a global tear. He has hit every corner of the planet with special collections for each pop up of collaboration. He is special because he never strays away from making sure the Carrots brand is very visible so you can never mistake it for anything else. Japan seems to love Carrots seeing how he often has new products available there on a regular basis. You can check out his latest collection here.