With roots embedded in experimentation, inspiration from Japan, and pride in consumer experience above all else is none other than BRAIN/child.

BRAIN/child credits much of its success to its family consisting of hundreds of supporters commonly referred to as test subjects. And with the holidays season in full swing, BRAIN/child gives fans another reason to celebrate the season with the releases their new F/W 19 DELIVERY 1 Holiday Capsule.

The drop consists of four heavyweight, double fleece-lined hoodies with a multitude of other details within that exhibit the brand’s dedication to quality garments. The hoodies will feature a large frontal logo and thunderbolt detail near the cuff of the sleeves and a more minimalist approach to color palette, being offered in a maroon, cream, deep navy, and olive colorway.

Be sure to checkout BRAIN/child’s newest holiday releases in images below, and keep up with the brand as they continue to experiment with new offerings in the future.

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