Chicago designer Stan R. has been patiently working on new pieces to drop publicly for some time now. The moment has has worked so hard for has finally come and the pieces are definitely hitting. Stan describes the drop as so:

If this shit was easy everyone would be doing it. Simply put. I wanted to create something powerful yet simple that truly resonate with my audience. Whether you be in school, working a 9-5, a sex worker, contractor, architect, etc; I wanted something that is already understood to finally be explained for once. We are truly doing our best. Scarves are 100% polyester. I wanted to do silk but we all know how fragile silk can be so I Contacted my manufacture to tell them I wanted my samples in polyester and when I got them I was very satisfied. The sizing of the scarves took some meticulous design because I wanted the scarves to be multifunctional and for my consumers to have the ultimate say so in how they choose to wear it. Didn’t want them too big or too small but just right.

You can get your hands on one of the new pieces for yourself here.

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