Cam Kirk Studios: Atlanta’s Favorite Place To Create

Located deep in the heart of Atlanta, Cam Kirk Studios has steadily become a household name over the past few years in the eyes of creatives around the world. Brainchild of prominent photographer Cam Kirk; the studio has become a hub for many other rising photographers and artists alike. A safe space to create projects, sharpen skills, and conduct business with the professional tools needed to advance in your field.

Conveniently neighboring Atlanta’s world famous nightlife mecca Magic City, Cam Kirk Studios is the premiere destination for any creative looking to make a name for themselves. The studio offers a variety of unique appointment options including studio rentals, event rates, and more. With over 10,000 scheduled rentals since July 2017, It’s no secret that Cam Kirk Studios is Atlanta’s favorite place to create.

Many celebrities and local acts frequent the creative utopia, such as Lil Baby, Blocboy JB, Mariah the Scientist, and many, many more. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Jourdon, one of the hardest workers inside the studio, to give us an idea of what it’s like behind the scenes at Cam Kirk Studios, and what makes it such a staple in Atlanta’s creative culture.


We’re a creative photography studio designed by Cam Kirk. It was founded in 2017, which started as a small studio with one backdrop. Since then, it has expanded into a full photography studio, with our own workshop series, podcast, collaborations, and our newest addition the Neighborhood Market. It’s a home for anyone looking for a fun, safe place to create and execute their vision.


Neighborhood Market is our e-commerce platform highlighting local creatives and entrepreneurs, giving them a platform to sell their products. We welcome brands and artists to sell their items on our marketplace. Join us by emailing us at Cam Kirk also released his famous ‘Trap God’ Gucci Mane print for the first time ever on the marketplace.

[Insert Neighborhood Market Video Here]*

Jourdon recently unveiled his highly-anticipated ‘Underdog’ necklace, which you can also find on the Neighborhood Market. The piece features an 18K gold “U” pendant, on a 19″ vermeil chain. Among other items on the site, you may find artwork, clothing, and books from creatives nationwide.

The studio also provides a variety of media outlets, such as the “After” podcast. Led by Cam Kirk himself, the podcast is an honest conversation about creativity, culture, music, fashion and world news by members of the Cam Kirk studios community. Along with the “Studio Sessions” playlist, a fan-favorite of the community, updated monthly with songs selected by Cam Kirk and the studio staff. Available on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, you may also find exclusive ‘Studio Sessions’ videos on YouTube with prominent musicians such as Sonny Digital and Jetsonmade.

As the city of Atlanta continues to grow, Cam Kirk Studios should remain a staple in the creative community and a must-stop on your travel list. With endless creators satisfied with their experience at the studio, it’s safe to say that Cam Kirk Studios is the mecca of content creation in the southeast. Book your own experience today!