Current United Kingdom based brand, Colorsuper, has recently released their SS17 collection starting us off with a bright selection for the upcoming season. The collection includes a variety of tee, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, and accessories; clothing us in entirely in new threads for Spring.

The tees of the SS17 collection  include the CSPR Classic S/S and L/S tees , featuring a screenprinted Colorsuper “box logo” on the chest; the “Worldwide” tee, featuring Colorsuper’s Worldwide CSPR “Atom by Atom” graphic screen printed on the chest; the “CSPR BOLD” tee, featuring “CSPR” in a bold font screenprinted on the chest; the “CSPR Outline” tee, which features a screenprinted outline of “CSPR” on the chest; and the “Noodle” tee, featuring a “Noodles CSPR box logo” graphic on the chest.

Colorsuper’s hoodies include the “CSPR box logo” hoodie, “Raglan” hoodie, and “CSPR Bolded” hoodie. All three of these hoodies contain a black, mid-weight, 100% cotton base, accented by white drawcords. The “CSPR box logo” hoodie features a screen printed “CSPR box logo” graphic on the chest. The “Raglan” hoodie featured a screen printed “Super” in a cursive font on the chest. Lastly, The “CSPR Bolded” hoodie featured “CSPR” screen printed in bold on the chest.

In addition to the hoodies are the new sweatshirts which include the Noodles and “CSPR box logo” sweatshirts, featuring the “Noodles CSPR box logo” graphic on the chest and “CSPR box logo” graphic on the chest respectively.

Next in the collection are the jackets. Among these include the “Coach” Cotton jacket, the “CSPR” Harrington jacket, and the “Colorsuper” Technical Anorak.

Subsequently comes the SS17 caps which include the “CSPR” cap and the “Signature” snapback. The “CSPR” cap features an embroidered “CSPR” logo on the front of the hat along with a strap fastener on the backside. The “Signature” snapback features the word “Super” embroidered in a cursive font and a snap fastener on the back side. Colorsuper’s SS17 bright collection readily introduces us to the upcoming season and is available for purchase at