Crucial’s Cinematic Summer 18 Lookbook

Photographed by Gregory Alders, with modelling from Emmanuel Popoteur and editing from Alders and Aaron Antonio and direction from all three with the addition of Matthew Yoscary the Crucial Summer 18 look book is a cinematic wonder. It seems to follow a night time journey through the city. The story starts at a corner store picking up the essentials like canned goods, some food, an iced tea and maybe some candy. The shirt featured in this first part is plain white with line work of 2 women engaging in some bdsm with the text ‘discipline’ above it. This shirt is styled with green cargo pants and classic white socks with sandals.

The next part takes us on a short walk through the city with 2 new shirts on, one saying ‘out of touch’, the other saying ‘chemical imbalance’. This short walk passing by various shops ends at a Crucial themed Chinese restaurant for a midnight meal where another new shirt is seen, this one reading ‘cyber spaced out’. In this restaurant is where the mantra of ‘I’m a piece of shit don’t trust me’ first appears over a picture of menu of food and an man standing next to some quarter machines. In these pictures is also the first appearance of a pink hat with the same mantra repeated circling a smiley face.

The next section takes a detour and shows of another white shirt with the piece of shit smiley motif. This takes us to a photo in a laundromat proceeded by a Crucial flip of the Tide logo. The photo inside the laundromat shows various Crucial shirts being washed and says Crucial washes clothes miracle clean, without rinsing’ which is another reference to old Tide ads.

The final section shows some fun times starting with some Pac-Man references and the appropriate ‘cyber spaced out’ shirt again. This last section is ended with a black and white skate session showing off one final shirt that says ‘pray for U.S.’ a perfect ending for this journey of a look book.

View the whole look book for yourself on there site here and get the shown off items when they drop here.