Divinities Cozy Fall Collection

LA based brand Divinities has been rolling out their exciting new Fall 2018 collection. All types of items can be found within the collection ranging from basics like t-shirts to denim jackets, even a real tree fleece jacket and accessories like a tote bag to name a few. The t-shirts come in a large range of colors and include a diverse selection of images from different cultures such as the Eiffel Tower, John Coltrane and even Rurouni Kenshin.

Going with the Fall theme of this collection you can also find a plethora of hoodies including some with matching sweatpants. These hoodies come in mostly more subdued or dark colors which are also perfect for the upcoming Winter. Going deeper into their outerwear garments from this drop, there are plenty of different types of jackets that can be found. The first one is a very cozy looking 1/4 zip fleece in either a cool muted teal or natural brown color. The next piece is another similar style fleece except with a full zipper and real tree camo covering most of the garment.

The last part of the collection is the accessories, you can chose from a belt, 6 panel hat or tote bag. Each item has a unique design that fits in with the rest of the collection. The tote bag comes in a nice natural off white color and has a zipper on the top. The hat comes with a “blackwatch plaid” pattern and a nicely contrasting embroidered red “Divinities Sport” logo in the middle. The final accessory, the belt, comes in a fitting brown leather with needlepoint knit pattern of some ducks and also features a gold buckle. You can shop these pieces and more from the collection on the Divinities site here.