Following the first Experimental Studio release, Drux USA returns to get your creative juices flowing. If unfamiliar, Experimental Studio #001 included a red light bulb, power supply, and plastic chain amongst other items. This time around, Drux takes creative expression to fabric.

Drux’s Experimental Studio #002 centers around two paint markers, black and white. The markers will satisfy your inner artist while the package will include a cargo tote bag and shirt. Both the marker and tote bag will be branded and question “What’s Left When I’m Gone?”. The Drux logo tees will come in an assortment of colors.

If you’re looking to customize your own personal wardrobe or freedom to express yourself, Experimental Studio #002 is the release for you. Be sure to keep up with Drux for possible future Experimental Studio releases and be sure to cop yourself a set when it drops June 13th here.

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