Meet the Creator: Kidfigment

The best thing about the art world is that there are millions of artist with distinct styles that sets the apart from the rest. Some people’s life struggles influence their work; while others may have seen the images they create in their head since birth. It’s our job to take a deep dive into the field and find new artist that can inspire the next wave. They could be be anywhere; from working a 9-5 just to make enough to afford  art supplies to even just sitting next to you in class doodling something that may be worth millions one day. Today we introduce you to the whimsical artist known as Kidfigment.


So, who is Kidfigment and where is she from?

My real name is Annie Cobb! I’m a 19 year old self taught artist from a tiny town called Wetumpka, Alabama. It’s a 20 minute drive from Montgomery and I spend a good bit of my time there too.


Where did the name Kidfigment come from?

I’ve always had a strong connection with the word figment. Ever since I was like 10! You know like a word that always pops in your mind when you’re bored. The kid part has more to do with the fact that I’ve never wanted to grow up and still don’t. Put the two together and there you have it!


Do you remember how old you were when you realized that you had a talent for illustrating/drawing?

I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I do remember back in the first grade when teachers would pull me out of class to talk about my art, or take my art and show other teachers. That made me feel really special and was a really big push for me. Shout out Mrs. Shaw and Mr. Holly!

Your art style is really psychedelic. How would you describe it in your own words?

People have asked me this before and I like to describe it as whimsical! Always been super crazy about the whole cartoon thing, y’know, shiny eyes and super expressive. Sometimes I think it would be cool if people could look at my art and feel like a child again.


Have you ever thought about releasing a book full of your work?

Oh that would be so cool! I’ve thought about it before but I think that might be a long way off. Might start with some zines (I’ve done a few of those in the past). Hey, if people want that from me then I’ll give it to them.


What artist would you want to collab with in this point of your life? And for what reason?

That’s a hard one. There’s a lot of talent running around on social media and so many artists I’d like to network with. I’d like to collab with some of my fave musicians for covers too, that would be amazing. If someone were to reach out and have me do a cover I would probably want it to be a band I admire. Peach Pit, The Internet and Earl Sweatshirt hire me.


Do you tend to see people try to overlook your work or try to take advantage since you are a woman?

I don’t think I’ve been overlooked so far for being female. I do get some pretty gross DM’s over on Twitter though haha. A lot of people assume I’m a man! Always starting commission inquiries with “Hey Bro!” or “What’s up man?”. I correct them when I feel like it, and some people realize further down the line and get embarrassed. I do take pride in being a woman artist though!


As an artist myself I tend to listen to music while I work that usually inspires it. What type of music do you play during your process?

Music is a huuuge part of my creative process. I listen to all different types when I’m drawing. Calm stuff to evoke more emotion, pop stuff when I’m doing playful pieces. I listen to a lot of old rap, classic rock, and 90’s alternative.


Are there any go to albums that you see yourself going back to often?

Oh man yeah. I have “Ram” by Paul McCartney on repeat sometimes when creating. I love Pavement’s “Brighten the Corners”. MF DOOM‘s “MM…FOOD” album is a good one to throw on when putting stuff on paper.


What type of materials do you use to create your pieces?

I use all kinds of stuff, but mostly Copic markers, Acrylic paint, and digital editing. I scan most of my pieces. I also like to mix it up with POSCA markers and oil paint.

It’s always hard to name your favorite piece of art as an artist because you know the time that went into each piece. Do you think you could name your favorite piece you’ve ever created?

That’s always a hard one! My professor asked my that same question today and I didn’t have an answer on the spot. Right now I really like my “Preservation of Childhood Wonder”.


Have you ever thought about creating merch or even a full blown clothing line with your work?

All the time. It’s coming soon too. Getting t-shirts and more prints made for my shop! A line would be so incredible. Maybe one day with the help from my lovely supporters. I even have some designs I’ve made that are exclusively for t-shirts, so hopefully those can be a reality soon!


Is streetwear something you are into? If so what are some of your go to brands?

Yeah streetwear is tight haha. I’m big into thrifting though and you probably won’t find me spending more than $30 on a tee. For me it’s really bump all that over-hyped stuff and let me support the artists I see on twitter trying to make it. Good ideas are everywhere, and if people looked a little bit harder they could be dressing way sweeter.


So does Kidfigment have anything big planned for 2019?

2019 is going to be my most exciting year yet. Finally getting a website launched with a store. Doing local galleries and shows, studying art in school, and trying to really make a name for myself. 3 months in and I already feel more involved in the art communities around me than I ever have before. Want to experiment with new styles, clothes, and really leave a lasting impression. I can honestly say I’ve never been so excited about anything in my life!