Explore Antelope Valley with Casie Wendel

Traveling the world, exploring new lands, eating exotic foods; that’s a dream that 22 year old photographer Casie Wendel is turning into reality. Born in Newport News, Virginia, Casie has spent half of her life in Florida where she first fell in love with photography. She says “Always liked taking pictures since the Myspace days but when I started taking my Photoshop classes is when I liked it”.

Casie shares with us her exploration of Antelope Valley located in Arizona. A mountainous region that Casie and a group of 20 people were guided through parts of the desert located on an Indian Reservation.

Casie currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she has been able to build a diverse portfolio. You can check out her other photos on her instagram here. Be sure to look out for more features with Casie as she travels around the world, we’ll be there to see it through her lens.

Photos taken by Casie Wendel