GAC’s Newest Collection Reminds You To Keep Chasing The Bag

The dream of the nineties isn’t just alive in Portland, it’s alive in the mind of Greg Cates and his GAC brand. The clothing line’s latest release serves as an homage to an era defined by colorful yet simplistic designs and bold font choices that will give fans the summer-ready look they’ve been waiting for.

The collection features pieces clearly inspired by the summer season, the 90s era, and a combination of the two. Tees like the Super GAC car wash will remind streetwear fans young and old about the summer jobs that play or have played a role in their lives. The “Side Hustle Summer ‘97 Fayetteville” tee utilizes an artistic style reminiscent of Snoop Dogg’s iconic Doggy Style album, taking the viewer further into the 90s-aesthetic. And the “1997 Never Limited” shorts make Champion, a brand that reached its peak in the 90s, a focal point of the design.

There’s no doubt that this drop will bring new waves of fans to the GAC brand. Time will tell whether or not Greg Cates will come out with other time-inspired collections, but this release is sure to get attention from both retro and current fashion enthusiasts. 

Check out the collection here at the GAC website.