Game On with Daniel Arsham’s New ‘CRYSTAL RELIC 002’

American artist Daniel Arsham, more commonly known for his ‘corroded’ art style and work as the co-founder of Sharkitecture, has built a reputation for his unique approach in exploring the relationship between architecture and visuals. Catching the eyes of many with his previous ‘CRYSTAL RELIC 001’, the creative returns with a sequel inspired by a retro gaming system culture has come to love.

Daniel Arsham’s ‘CRYSTAL RELIC 002’ features a translucent version of the original Nintendo Game Boy system, accompanied by fan-favourite ‘Super Mario Land’ game cartridge. The relic provides a striking resemblance to the console, from the power button and branding to the actual insert-ability of the game.

Daniel Arsham’s ability to amaze fails to cease, as the artist continually provides new perspective with everyday ideas by adding layers depth with complication. If you’re looking to get your game on, take a look at the artist’s ‘CRYSTAL RELIC 002’ featured in the images below, which will be limited to 500 pieces and will be released online January 17th. 

For those lucky enough to find themselves in Paris some point before late March, be sure to also checkout Arsham’s “Paris, 3020” exhibition showing now at Galerie Perrotin.