How Half Evil Is Changing The Relationship Between Artists And Their Fans

The Chicago based brand Half Evil used 2018 to become much more than an affordable streetwear brand. They’ve used their brand to build a relationship artist such as Lil Skies, Pouya, and Wifisfuneral so that they could create affordable merch for their fans. If you haven’t been to concerts or local shows, artist merch can get expensive as it has become a main source of income for artist. They have made it clear that they’re more focused on supporting the people that support them most.



Achieving such a thing is not an easy task. Using an artist name is comes with issues with licensing and more behind the scenes things that may stop many artist from collaborating with many brands unless they’re labels get a huge chunk of the profits. It is amazing that Half Evil has not only been able to use the names of artist on the merch, but they’ve also been able to create pieces that perfectly embody the artist and their music. The recent collection with Wifisfuneral shows the progression in which they have come as far as their designs have come. The pieces are far more than just copy and paste images with a logo slapped on it. They are very well thought and creates emotion between the artist and the consumer making them not only timeless but priceless.



We are looking forward to seeing the collaborations Half Evil has planned for the year. The brand is growing at a rapid pace so there is no telling what they have in store for us. We want to see more brands and artist follow in their footsteps. Allowing creatives to have more power in their art, and be able to give their supporters the content they deserve.