HYBRID Pulls Inspo from Summer Adventures for Third SS19 Release

For some, Summertime is chock full of adventure and fun, whether innocent or devious, that become memories impossible to forget. Building on these fond summer memories, HYBRID creates its third SS19 release to bridge the end of the collection to the start of their impending FW19 releases.

HYBRID’s X=B>2A collection, or Betrayals at the lighthouse, will consist of three pieces. Highlighting the collection is HYBRID’s newest v-neck sweater, where the brand was able to partner with a factory, use their excess material, and reverse-dye from black to the sweater’s faded emerald color. The collar will also feature distressing along the collar and tackled front panel. HYBRID also presents their Buckle front pants, which feature pleating and buckle-like hardware at the bottom to give the pants a unique look amongst other details. Lastly, HYBRID offers their reverse collared, long-sleeve button shirt, with hidden pink message print within the collar and slim in fit. Retail for the three garments ranges from $55 to $72.

HYRBID’s SS19 Betrayal at the lighthouse capsule doesn’t stray far from the brand’s dedication to detail and quality. Each piece, together or individual, is beautifully crafted to add a bit of flair to anyone’s casual lifestyle. Peep images below of the collection release July 24th at 12 PM CST and be sure to cop your favorite piece before limited quantities are gone.

Where to Buy:

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