HYS Continues Their Tradition of Not Giving a F*ck

HYS* has never been a brand to shy away from brazenness and aggression, which is why their latest drop continues their tradition of in your face artistry.

The idea of making bold choices with the combination of text and design is something that sets HYS* apart from other, more ostentatious streetwear brands. Their “NEVERGAVEASHITPT.2” tee is a prime example of this. The fluffy, innocent cartoon dog standing with a bird-flipping, smiling cat showcase HYS’s attitude toward style and not giving a fuck. This juxtaposition of cuteness and vulgarity is something HYS has incorporated in the past to great success and serves as an enjoyable second act for the “FUCK OFF” design series the brand’s delved into with their recent drops.

Another highlight of the release is the “IDONTWANNATALKABOUTIT” hoodie. This design features gritty, eye-popping industrial text that is sure to draw looks thanks to the fiery red colorway it’s available in. According to the HYS site, there’s a surprise graphic on the back, so you’ll have to cop that piece to see for yourself. Check out the entire collection here.

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