Infect Brings Back Genuine Passion and Meaning Into Streetwear

Fairly new comers to the streetwear scene Infect Co, founded by Evan Wickersham and Ryan Huffman, drops their new collection. Their mission is to bring meaning, purpose, and passion into streetwear. The first piece is a work shirt inspired by a collage made by Evan from an old newspaper. The original collage is about the forces of good and evil, and proof that the devil walks the earth. The next item is a trucker hat inspired by Evan’s grandfather’s vast collection of trucker hats. The design captures the same vibe that one of those many hats had. The last piece is an evil red t-shirt with a flip of the PBS logo making the faces into devils. This flip conveys an anti media message of not trusting everything you see on TV or the internet. You can buy one these great pieces on their website here.

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