The world will take notice of ISOLATION now that their Worldwide Massacre Tour is here. Paying homage to 80s trash bands, in particular their tour shirts, ISOLATION flips some legendary merch. Owner of ISOLATION, Riccardo, played in touring hardcore punk brands throughout the years.

The punk/hardcore scene is very DIY, controversial, and is well known to take images of brands, bands, etc and flip them.

The Worldwide Massacre Tour consists of two new killer graphic tees. You are also offered a “Rage and War” hoodie which features prints on the sleeves as well as a large print on the back. Price tag on that piece is $32 USD while the tees are priced at $20 USD. The last piece of the drop is an “Backstage Crew” trucker priced at a respectable $15 USD. Shot the new collection now.

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