The graphic design mastermind Blazzy has been creating some of the best designs for most of your favorite underground streetwear brands for years now. With his upcoming collection “NOTHING PERSONAL”, we got to know the designer a little more.

So if you don’t mind us asking, what is Blazzy’s real name? Or would you rather keep your name discreet?

My first name is Miguel 

Where did the name Blazzy come from?

The name blazzy came from a longer nickname given to me in highschool. ‘Sandblastr’. I used to be involved with the street art graffiti scene as a teenager. Blazzy just sounds more elevated.

Sandblastr > sandblazzy > blazzy

How did you get started with Graphic Design?

I was that kid in middleschool who always drew in class and played Sims. It kinda just faded into my life really. Growing up most of my friends were in garage bands so they all needed banners and flyers to post on myspace. So thats where it all started at. 

When you look back at your early work does it still stand up as well?

Yes! My first drop with Matthew, most of the graphics were recycled designs from 2015-2017.

What makes a design good? What makes one bad

Execution, originality, little bit of juxtaposition, and irony makes a good design for me. A bad design is the opposite.

What designers or creators inspire you the most?

Shepard Fairey (Obey), Pen & Pixel, & The Cruel Summers album art

Who were some of the most notable people you have collaborated with?

Most notable would probably be: 

Lil Wayne, Tay K, Chief Keef, Migos, Lil Pump, Puma, G Eazy, No Jumper, XXXtentacion, Uber Eats, Kali Uchis, Rich The Kid, Quavo….

I have a horrible memory so I always forget the credits I have lol

You have designed some of the best merch in the game. Did you ever plan on being such a significant figure in that market?

Yes. At the end of the day good design is a balance of taste, irony and execution. but fuck I love competition! Merch is competitive at the end of the day like it or not. Its an endless competition. Im just glad its a tight community of designers which im proud to say most are my homies. So there is a ton of communication between all of us. At this point, its so many notable styles someone needs to make baseball trading cards of us. Lol

Are there any other hidden talents you possess that may be brought to light soon?

Im not sure about ‘brought to the light soon’ but let it be known that i’ll beat ur favorite designers ass at Guitar Hero, ping pong, or a game of skate. Like im willing to put money on it!! Also i grew up playing alot of guitar and piano. 

Do you have any big plans for 2019?

 Ofcourse!!! I grew so much last year its all about elevating it and making the campaign even louder. 

Thank you Casual Fridays for constantly shedding light on up and coming talent❤️

Where do you see streetwear going 5 years from now? How are you gonna get it to that place?

Streetwear will be ran by my friends and I. Streetwear is always evolving and as of the last 10 years its been surrounded by ego and price tags. Thats all changing. We praise hard workers and originality. The next step is making retail space a more comfortable and welcoming environment.

What’s the one thing you wish your fans would understand about dropping a collection?

I treat them as moments so i have to fall in love with it before i can share them

The new “NOTHING PERSONAL” collection is packed with more than expected. He has surprised us with new unique pieces such as a pair of shades and a crazy mirror so you can check out your new pieces in style. Other pieces from the collection includes a Dickies jacket with Jesus’s crucifixion covering the torso, and a skull & crossbones belt that is a must have! You can check out a few more of the pieces below and stay connected to Blazzy’s IG for the full collection when it drops tomorrow.

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