KidSuper continues to remain genuine and light-hearted, even after their breakout performance at Paris Fashion Week 2019. Although seemingly childish, their newest collector’s item represents something much deeper than clothes themselves.

The KidSuper team felt as though they assumed the role of David, pitted against Goliath-like super brands, leading up to Paris Fashion Week. From a nerve-wrecking preparation days before their debut, their show’s reception was a dream come true for the brand. KidSuper’s playful attitude is evident as per the narrative on the packaging that reads “When I was 7 the neighbors across the street called the cops on me and my best friend for slingshotting gummies at their window for hours, it is one of my fondest memories. This brings me back.” The “Super Slingshot” will retail for $20.

Originally handed out to spectators at the show, the brand is now releasing these collectible slingshots to mark their tremendous effort and historic performance. Checkout images below and be sure to cop a collectible slingshot for yourself at KidSuper.

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