Kith x Coca-Cola 2018

Kith has partnered with the iconic Coca-Cola brand for a third time to bring you a full collection. Like always expect to get a little of everything with this collection. The piece that holds the most value would have to be the Golden Bear varsity jackets. The smooth red Virgil wool fabric with ribbed cuffs give you the classic American look for a price tag of $500 USD. The Converse that are also packaged in the collection come in four colorways: red, blue, yellow, and white. Tees, rugby crew necks, sunglasses, and other summer goodies will also be available. If you’ve been holding off all summer for a collection to cash out on this is your chance. Kith x Coca-Cola 2018 releases Friday, August 17, at Kith shops and at 11AM EST here.