Kristopher Kites Creates “Conversation Pieces” Apart Of ifakemakejewlery

Chicago designer Kristopher Kites has went outside of the box with his jewelry collection entitled “ifakemakejewlery”. The first installment “Conversation Pieces” consist of neon chain linked necklaces with small toy figures placed inside of plastic squares. It almost reminds me of how Han Solo was frozen in carbonate. Except this time around you can see what lies within it clearly. With characters such as Wolverine, Hulk, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used as centerpieces; this collection is very special for those who love not only unordinary jewelry, but for those who love comics and cartoons alike.

The pieces were inspired by fake versions of diamond chains. A lot of jewelers use “fake” diamonds in their prices, and claim they are real which is entirely true. Not to bash the culture of it; instead paying homage to a time where he bought fake diamond and gold chains from the beauty store.

The “Conversation Pieces” will be available all week at Congruent Space in Chicago. Once the show wraps up this weekend you’ll be able to purchase them here.