LÉ WUZ Studios has had enough of everyone trying to steal their sauce. To boycott the mass amount of clones, LÉ WUZ has created new pieces for those who can’t be replicated.

The “NO REPLICAS” capsule will include a new denim jacket that is spotlight of the drop with anti replica imagery all over the piece. You’ll also find a satchel displaying the same imagery as well as a pair of denim jeans. When asked about the inspiration for the pieces LÉ WUZ states:

I see alotta people replicating my style , more so propaganda & statement in this capsule. Just a way of me expressing how I feel about it . I’m all for inspiration, replication is another thing tho you know.

Follow LÉ WUZ Studios for more info on where to purchase a piece from the capsule when it drops tomorrow.

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