Lifeordeath’s Collab With Ivy Will Have You Ready To Revolt

Lifeordeath’s newest collaboration with Ivy is sure to be a hit with everyone looking to take a stand against corporate greed. Their “takeover” tee sends a clear message of how the brand feels about the capitalist, power-hungry people at the top of American society. The eye-catching visual of vines destroying the buildings and people responsible for income inequality and class conflict is sure to strike a chord with those who’ve been waging war against corruption and wealth-obsession, and hopefully inspire others to join the fight. The brand also gives a subtle nod to the power of nature (and possibly climate change) by featuring a literal element of the jungle wreaking havoc in the concrete jungle that houses these class dividing, capitalist institutions.

However you may feel about American capitalism, it’s undeniable that the chaos and violence portrayed in the design makes for a memorable image. Don’t miss out on copping one for yourself when the black and white colorway tees drop tomorrow here.

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