Meet Char: The Mastermind Behind Your Favorite Celebrity’s Style

Celebrities always look to find their own unique style. As much as some may make it seem that they create it themselves, most need help from people who are in tune with the culture. That’s where we have Char. A young creative looking to take the industry by storm her way.


For those unfamiliar with you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Char and I’m a wardrobe, hair and makeup stylist. I also model and own my own haircare line, Love.Char.


What got you into styling celebrities? How long have you been in this field?

I’ve been in the field for about 3 years. I actually used to be in music videos (THat Part, P’s and Q’s, Bake Sale to name a few).. and on one particular video, I believe it was ASAP Rocky and French Montana, the wardrobe stylist on that set (Rasheeda Ameera) ended up becoming one of my best friends and offered to have me work with her,  and we’ve been working side by side ever since. Rasheeda taught me everything about styling. I literally had no experience whatsoever, and to this day I’m not sure why she asked me to work with her but I’m happy she did!


Who has been some of your favorite clients to work with?

Migos are definitely my favorite people. They’re like fam to me and Rasheeda. We’ve been working with them for a couple years now on their music videos doing their grooming.

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Who are some of your go to brands when styling someone as well as personal favorites?

I actually try to stay away from super high end brands. I really love to use unknown black designers. Super Roper, Molowo, Rick Montaño and Mura Smith are some of my favorites, but there’s so many I can’t even think of them all.


Where did your social media handle come from?

Funny story about that… my IG name used to be ThirstTrapChar (LOL), but as I started to get more popular I found it to be embarrassing so until I could figure out a new name I changed it to Love.Char and it ended up sticking.


What other things you may be passionate about and can see yourself doing for a long time?

I’m passionate about a lot of different things. I’m one of those people that get bored really easily so I have to find new things to learn every few months. I can do graphic design, I can sew, I can make furniture… I really love taking random items and making household furniture out of them it’s super random but I love it lol.

I also really love haircare and can see myself doing this for a long time. I started my own haircare line that I’ve been working on for about 3 years. It’s my name (Love.Char) and it’s 100% natural products.



Describe what it is like being a woman in the business. Do you feel as if opportunities are equal or things may be biased?

I feel there are advantages and disadvantages to being a woman in the business. Being a stylist most people like working with women because we just know what looks good! However, it can be tough with people taking you seriously or having the clients hit on you so as a woman I have to be more assertive (which is not really my strongest trait lol). Other than that I personally don’t experience bias in the industry because I only work with people who are like family to me and who I’m comfortable with.


You have a crazy amount of creativity when it comes to your personal shoots. What is your thought process when coming up with a concept?

Honestly it’s just random. Sometimes I dream about a concept, sometimes I see something and it sparks an idea, sometimes my friends inspire me. If I can see it in my head I just start working. I try to make my own outfit, create my own settings, sometimes I even shoot the pictures myself on self timer. Also surrounding myself with other creatives is what keeps my imagination running. One of my favorite photographers is Walter Brady… when I tell you we’re like two peas in a pod when it comes to the super creative shoots that I do.. he’s like my other half and he always executes.

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When you have free time what are some of your favorite things to do to relieve stress?

SMOKE THE WEEDS. Also love doing activities… hiking, racing cars, playing tennis, virtual reality gaming, really anything that’s fun I’ll do it.


With the recent passing of Mac Miller, did him or his music have an impact in your life?

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Mac and Wiz Khalifa was like our super heroes. Mac actually went to school right up the street from mine and I would see him a lot. I remember first seeing him in concert at the infamous under 18 nightclub, Club Zoo. I was maybe 14 or 15 years old and was one of his biggest fans. Riding around Pittsburgh with my friends blasting Mac Miller was an every day ritual and gives me chills and heavy nostalgia just talking about it. Safe to say that he impacted my life in a big way and I’ll forever be putting my thumb in the air for him.


What is your involvement with Taylor Gang?

My mothafuckin dawgs. Wiz was there when I first started to be known.. he was one of the first celebrities to support my craft especially when I moved to LA… even put me in one of his videos. I remember him telling me to not let LA change me, to keep working hard and would send me words of encouragement when I was feeling like I wasn’t doing enough or making enough money (I was very very broke lol). It was my second year in LA that he gifted me a Taylor Gang chain with the words “you a Taylor now”. It’s more of a family thing with them. 412 shit.


What are some things you would tell young woman that may want to follow in your footsteps?

Not everything you see is how it actually is… so do not compare yourself to others. Even when you are discouraged please keep going because I promise you you’ll get to where you want to go. I’ve been working for 6 years and just now getting to a place I’m okay with. Network, do not be afraid to put yourself out there, learn new things! The more things you know how to do the more budgets you get to take. If I never would’ve tried to learn new things I would not be where I am now and that’s a fact.


Do you have any big things planned for the 4th quarter of 2018?

I don’t plan anything. I just let things happen and that’s how I got where I am. I’m hoping something amazing does come up though!


Who are some young creatives that you feel like are up next besides yourself of course?

Toreno, Walter Brady, Super Roper, Rasheeda of course, Sheron Barber. Basically all of my friends lol.


What do you want to be remembered for when you come to the end of your career?

Being dope, humble, and never afraid to do anything. I really hope I do change the world in some way.


Where can people follow you and see more of what you’re doing?

My IG is Love.Char and my twitter is superrchar. My website has all of my work and products