Meet Colorfulfilth: Your Favorite Creator’s Designer

We got to interview Colorfulfilth. An artist from New England known for drawing popular rappers, designing scooter gear, and making clothes for H3H3 Production’s Teddy Fresh brand.


What is your real name?

Paul Munko.


Where are you from?

Middle of Nowhere, New England.


Who or what are your biggest inspirations?

I’m honestly inspired by everything! I’ve always had an interest in dark/gritty artwork. Some of Dali’s more unsettling pieces have been images that stayed burned into my head ever since I was a kid checking out the art books in the school library. I like to take equal inspiration from the art I enjoy, and the way life builds itself around me. If I’m happy, I’ll probably want to do a piece with bright vibrant colors. Having a bad day? I’ll grab some black and white paints and get to work. There’s no definitive rhyme or reason to why I do what I do, but I like to think you can scroll through my feed and get a vague glimpse of how that week went at the time the work was posted!


At what age did you know you wanted to do art?

Man I’ve always been into art on every side of the spectrum. I’ve been drawing as far back as I can remember, and I picked up my first instrument (bass guitar) when I was four years old. More recently I started making actual paintings, as well as getting into photography with my friends in our budding photo/video company Salem Bridge. I’ve never been a sports kind of guy, so I try to inject myself into every avenue of art that I feel I have a chance to fit the mold. So far so good!


What was it like working with h3h3 for Teddy Fresh

Working with Teddy Fresh was nothing short of a dream. It’s insane how it happened too. I honestly just took a shot in the dark and asked Hila if she would be interested in doing a collaboration, and luckily she really enjoyed my work and was totally down! It’s still kind of surreal even though the project was conceptualized almost a year ago. Hila is the nicest person you’ll ever talk to should you ever get the chance. Bouncing ideas back and forth was awesome, and I’m fortunate to be able to say I am the very first artist to ever collab with Teddy Fresh!


Favorite piece that you created?

Ah, that’s a tough one. I try to push out so many unique pieces on a daily basis. It’s hard to get down to the nitty gritty and say with confidence “this one is my favorite”. I guess when it comes down to it, my favorite piece would have to be the “Cotton Candy Crusaders” shirt I designed for RiFF RaFF, or the “I’m Not a Zombie” graphic I drew up for a sweater by Ronnie Radke/Falling in Reverse. Both were done well over a year ago when I just started my colorfulfilth page. They’re not my favorite from a technical standpoint, but those two collaborations were the first things that really made me think I may actually have something to push for here.


How long have you been making art?

I’ve been creating nonsense from as far back as I can remember. However, back then it was more of a hobby. It wasn’t until the colorfulfilth alias started to flourish that I began to take my visual artwork seriously.


You seem to do a lot of art based on music artists. Do you have any favorites?

That’s almost as hard as picking my favorite piece! I tend to genre hop a lot, and honestly I’m a hardcore/metal kid at heart. I grew up listening to Lamb of God, Slipknot, Deftones, The Devil Wears Prada, etc. and branched off into the heavier side of the spectrum with things like The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Tongue, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, and things like that. As far as rap and hip-hop goes, I’m really into Travis Scott, Lil Peep (Rest in Peace), Post Malone, Ghostemane, Pouya, and pretty much everyone else who could fall into the subgenres those guys are known for.


Any other clothing brands you have worked with or would like to work with?

I’ve got a few things in the works right now that I don’t think I can talk about yet! I actually do a lot of work within the pro scooter community so I have collabs out with Dumb Company, The Vault, Fuzion, and Addict to name a few. I’ve also got an insane project in the works with @artofdai which is definitely going to turn some heads! Who I’d like to collab with? Well of course there’s the big names: Supreme, Bape, Nike, OF and what not. I also really feel like I could make something insane if I got a chance to create with Tyler Grosso / Superrradical. I love his creativity and the dude’s grind is unmatched. Definitely feel like I could learn a thing or two from him during the process as well! No Jumper would be another fun one for me. I drew Adam’s head, and also a drawing of him holding a baby Russ. That was pretty sick.


You go by colorfulfilth and that describes a lot of your art perfectly. Where did you come up with that?

Honestly not much thought went into it. I’m definitely happy with how closely it represents my brand now though! I originally just made an Instagram account to try and get myself into working on pieces digitally as opposed to pencil and printer paper. One thing led to another and now I think the name is here for good! I’m not sure what put those words together in my head, but when I thought of it and saw the handle was open for use I knew I found my name no matter what it became in the long run!


You play guitar right? Do you plan on ever releasing music down the line?

Yeah totally! I actually have a bunch of stuff up already. You can peep all my music on my YouTube account, Paulmunkotv, as well as my bands YouTube page The First of May CT. Actually since this is going online I’ll just give you the link to my latest video, an acoustic cover of “changes” by XXXTENTACION. Rest in peace to him as well.

Eventually I want to put together a full album, but I think I’d have to take a break from my other artwork for that to be done in a timely way. Definitely plan on pushing some singles here and there when I have the time! Just going with the flow right now, focusing my energy on the future even though I have no idea what it will be!

You can follow Colorfulfilth on Twitter here, and on Instagram here.


Photo Credits – Marissa Faith