Meet the Creator: Ian Woods

If we had to describe Ian Wood’s art style in words we probably couldn’t do it. He has such a unique understanding of his work that media that he uses to express what he is thinking. He isn’t a man of many words so he lets his work do all the talking. I’ve followed his work for a few years now. With each year he has found a way to find a new lane and master a new style of art. Being a young artist can tend to be stressing. You are constantly testing your mental health trying to discover new ways of doing something that you love. We recently got a chance to get in the head of the artist. Though he may not have been the most descriptive; we appreciate him being as authentic to himself as possible.

What would you like people to address you as, Poserrboy or Ian Woods?

Recently I’ve been wanted to be called just my real name.

Where did an artist such as yourself grow up?

I grew up in a city in Texas named Keller.

What type of music influenced not only your art but your daily life?

I mainly grew up listening to hip-hop/rap so that really influences the work I do today, but life wise I listen to more indie music. I think you can see that in my work as well.

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You’ve come a long way in your journey as an artist. How would you describe your art style in the beginning stage, the stage where you felt things starting to change for you skill/direction wise, and the stage you are at now?

At first my style very obnoxious and in your face. I would also care about what people thought of my work. Now i really don’t give fuck what people think of my work. As long as i’m having fun and my work is coming from a pure place that’s all that matters.

Is there anything in your personal life that plays a part of your design process?

Not really, i just go off what i’m feeling at the moment in time.

Who are some artist that have recognized your word or you have worked with that you thought would never reach out?

A good amount of people, but the one that sticks out to me the most is A$AP Rocky.

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With mainstream artist and companies trying to steal the sauce from the young creatives what do you think will always set you apart from the copy cats?

Pure originality

You win one million dollars to interior decorate your dream home. What are some of the pieces you would have inside?

Kaws sculptures, George condo paintings, and Takashi Murakami paintings.

What’s your dream car, or are you not into sports cars and such?

My dream car is a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

What big projects do you have planned for the year?

As for right now nothing at the moment, just making as much art as possible

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