Meet Trina Rager: A Master Of Capturing The Moment

Moments in time come and go in the blink of an eye, or the flash of a camera. Meet a young creative who has a special talent of capturing intimate moments with people. Someone who can connect with you on a deeper level through their work. Meet Trina Rager.


Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Trina Rager. I’m a fashion/portrait photographer from Saint Louis, USA.


How early did you get started with photography, and what made you want to become a photographer?

I was like 14/15 years old. My uncle and grandpa were the people in our family that captured every single moment. After my uncle got released from incarceration, my grandpa passed. That was around the time I started to get into photography to preserve the memories. Now as a brand manager, I utilize photography as a storytelling tool for the brands.


Do you remember the first picture you took? Do you still have it?

Yeah I do remember. It was a photo of my dad’s mustang after a metal spring hit and shattered the windshield. He pulled over so quick to the side of the highway and I ran out of the car with my new camera and started taking pictures. I do have the photo but my dad would be pissed if I shared it.


How would you describe your style of work?

Personal/Intimate. Whether if it reflects our personal relationship, or the subject’s personality/emotions. It’s a privilege to me when my subjects are able to be vulnerable with me. As far as aesthetics, I’m heavily inspired by Playboy Magazine from the 70s and New York City’s club scene in the 90s.


Being part of the LGBTQ community, do you use your profession to bring spotlight to things people may not know about?

Overall, I strive to provide a platform for underrepresented communities and help them get connected with like-minded individuals . Which goes for the Queer/Trans POC as well. We’re barely featured in mainstream media and when we do, it is shown in a distasteful way. I like to photograph subjects within those communities in a pure/sincere way without watering them down either. I’m very mindful when it comes to photographing the Queer/Trans community because I do not want to exploit them.


What is your favorite or most memorable shot you have taken?

My favorite photograph is this photo I took for my friend Teanna’s beauty brand, Sweet Tea Cosmetics. The inspiration behind this photo was the Creation of Adam. Faith plays a part in my friendship with Teanna, and I wanted to subtly immerse it into the photo shoot.


Who inspires you to keep doing what you are doing?

My parents. My dad was homeless as a child and my mom was not able to finish school. Yet, they blessed me with the essentials to survive and send me to a nice school. So I can’t afford to sit around and do nothing. That’s disrespectful.


From following you I know you love music. Who are some of your favorite artist?

This is a hard question because I listen to so many different genres. One minute I can be listening to R&B and the next minute I will be listening to throbbing techno music. Here are a few artists I like: Dev, Hynes/Blood Orange, Princess Nokia, Rico Nasty, BrockHampton, Empress Of, Tame Impala, and SWV.


Are you more into streetwear or high fashion?

I have an appreciation for both! However, I really hope to enter luxury fashion one day. They preserve so much history.


Who are some of your favorite creatives in STL?

PinkCaravan! , La4ss, Zaeahead, Matty Woods, Eric Donte, and NIYAH.


Where can people follow you and find your work?

@TrinaRager everywhere or my official site.