Meet the Creator: Vincent Peak

All it takes is a quick glance at Vincent Peak’s Instagram and you’ll find yourself increasingly interested in the aesthetically-pleasing ‘chunk’ art with each and every scroll. 

For those who don’t know Vincent Peak already, the budding creative is currently building a name for his art in the city of Philadelphia. From walls of graffiti to crafted-wood, Peak continually explores the many different possibilities for canvases for which he can apply his unique block-style. As we later learn is inspired by his childhood memories and appeals to his graphic appetite, Peak’s style can be described as colourful characters and radiant with playful vibes. His works, also worn in the form of jeans by multiple well-known creatives throughout the scene, led to our initial curiosity and increasing hunger to know more about the man they call Vincent Peak.

From tagging-up walls to displaying his “children” proudly, it’s hard not to root for someone as fun and passionate as Peak depicts himself online. When interview day finally came, Vincent left no doubt as his genuine passion for creating was backed by an authentic warmth like none other. His short, yet comical anecdotes and energy-riddled replies were something words could do no justice to explain otherwise – Vincent Peak enthusiasm and passion are unmatched. An artist with a style that can be described as nothing less than whimsical and spirited, we introduce to you the young, talented Vincent Peak.

Q & A:

In your own words, who is Vincent Peak?

Who is Vincent Peak… To you, in a way, I am just the creator, but with this opportunity. It just depends on what the true impact that I make on you. For example, it depends if you see Vincent peak being a fly by night artist or one of those artists who is around for a minute.

Were you always set on being an artist?

I would say it’s been a role in my life without even knowing. That being said, it all started with me playing with tech decks, building my own ramps, and being interested in WWE wrestling and all that. So I feel like yes, it just came out more so in 7th grade.

Was there a specific piece you made in 7th grade that was you “aha moment”? Or was it a favorite artist that initially inspired your work?

I would say drawing on the USPS sticker, I was a sticker person (Vincent laughs). And I mainly found my inspiration through childhood memories or really just what I thought looked the best.

Do you have a distinct creative process? Or is it more so you going off an idea you have instinctively and executing?

There is always a creative process, but really just pulling it is the process. You can have a million ideas, but finding ways to pull it off, I feel like, is the creative process.

You often refer to your kid creations as chunks – where did you get the idea for these characters? Is each inspired by different motifs?

It was a grade school thing, specifically being that my characters really have more of a rounder shape to them.

How did the AK47 piece and recent coat hangar ideas come about?

The Ak47 wasn’t really based on that model of a gun. I was mainly just drawing what I thought a harmless cartoon gun would look like to me.

I also see you’re into graffiti – what got you into that? Do you remember the first thing you tagged up? 

First thing I tagged was my middle school bathroom (Vincent laughs). I would just bring the markers in my socks. 

I saw an IG picture of your painting on a library wall, can you tell me about that story of how you got enlisted to do that?

That was at an elementary school last year in my home town in northern Nevada. Right before I moved to Philly, the school had hit me up through Instagram. I had a blast painting it, and it’s nice to know thousands of kids will see my characters.

Speaking of Philly, what’s the creative scene out there? We see you had a couple of pop-ups at the Shop on Girard with some jeans. I’ve seen Noahboat from Loveliveserve and Max Miller from Icy Rabbit (amongst others) rocking a pair themselves, so that has to be a good feeling.

The Philly scene is full of nice people, and definitely a feel-good-moment seeing these guys rocking my stuff. 

Any new collections or pieces you’re working on currently?

Lots of new toys and maybe a collection. (Referring to the sneak peek of toys below) All the heads will pop off, so you can change them around!

Where do you see yourself going in the future, any goals you want to accomplish, and what’s next for Vincent Peak?

Maybe a bigger studio for right now, I am sure more will come with time.

With the creative scene growing, what advice do you have for upcoming artists?

For upcoming artists, some important advice I would give is simply to not be afraid to take risks.


Be sure to keep up Vincent Peak on Instagram, as the creative is looking towards launching his Lunch Box Kids sticker release and introduction of his newest character on March 23.