Mourning in America

It is mourning in America.

We have lost yet another Black life lost to the brutal hand of the state. They have become like school shootings; so commonplace in our dystopia that many come to expect them as the price we pay for living here.
We stand divided, one side wailing from our souls at the loss of one of our own, and the other defends his killer as a pillar of our society.

America is at a standstill, at the peak of a crisis that sadly seems all too familiar in our history. Collective trauma over generations of discrimination has come to a head yet again. Will this cycle ever end? From Reagan introducing crack to black and brown neighborhoods to the Tuskegee Experiments, America is caught in a tornado of upholding the best life for the select few, while the rest are forced to live and die in the slaughterhouse of the “American Dream” as guinea pigs or cheap labor.

All men are created equal, but terms and conditions may apply. Side effects may include lower income, higher incarceration rates, less access to fresh food, worse quality of education, higher rates of disease, harassment, assault, and death. The groups it has classified as undesirable have grown weary of being beaten down for so long in every single facet of our existence as “Americans,” if we can be considered so.

The most patriotic Americans hate the most, for they can see this country or what it truly is.
This land was raised by slaveholders and weaned on genocide. Cancerous hate for fellow man is the dye with which the fabric of America is stained. The very bricks that are the foundation of our so-called “great” nation were laid by slaves. When a disease becomes this extensive, seeping into every aspect of our lives, we get to a point there is no “fixing” America. There is no law we can write, no great reform magic bullet. We can’t even vote this shit out considering that Black and Brown communities are by far the most often targeted by voter disenfranchisement, as well as excessive policing that leads to criminal charges. White people can literally collapse the economy and get bailed out, and Black people get their voting rights, job opportunities, and freedom snuffed out over a dime bag. When 1 in 13 Black Americans of voting age is disenfranchised, “go out and vote” has an air of privilege. Because felons can’t vote, and they don’t want BIPOC at the polls.




There is one solution: burn the system to the fucking ground.


Burn it down by getting out there and making yourself heard.

Burn it down by amplifying Black voices and supporting Black-owned businesses.

Burn it down by not falling for cop propaganda.

Burn it down by donating to organizations that help bail Black people out of jail.

Burn it down by actively fighting the fuck back.


People are tired. People are having a primal reaction to injustice from the deepest depths of our soul. This is instinctual. When one has been the target of systemic violence for so long, it is only natural that they fight for our fucking lives. It is truly do or fucking die, and they seem to be doing a lot of dying.

To all you who say we should be “respectful” when protesting systemic murder. To all you who say “Black Lives Matter” so you can get your Instagram likes, and appear like you’re doing something. To all you who leech off the culture of BIPOC but won’t fight those who are killing us. To all you who are sitting at brunch with your Hillary shirts while we are out in the trenches. To all you who say “racism is bad,” but run away with your tail between your legs when it rears its head…

And to all you right-wingers, bootlickers, Trumpers, Reaganites, Fox News groupies, neocons, Klansmen, cops, soldiers, skinheads, colonizers, and racist whites, I have two words…

Fuck off.