Nike has announced its three newest models, the N. 354, THE10TH and D/MS/X. Aside from being new, the silhouettes are Nike’s form of experimentation of ambitious innovation and high fashion. Thus, the three models were born from Nike’s creativity and desire to push boundaries.

The N.354 is developed from previous prototypes that lay dormant within Nike’s archives. The model epitomizes the process of the designing process and encapsulates many elements of other trials and experiments. The deconstructed shoe features smooth leathers in white and includes pencil typography, various overlays, and black heel tab. As for the blue tongue, a yellowed foam will cover the edge.

THE10TH sneaker recognizes Bill Bowerman’s pre-Nike history as an U.S. Army who served in the 10th Mountain Division. The model encapsulates a rugged, outdoor aesthetics to prepare you for whatever physical elements that you may face. The pair will feature tanned, suede uppers, hits of woven materials, and hits of orange and white throughout.

Finally, the D/MS/X takes a more aggressive and bold approach by chopping pieces other models and displaying the overlay in a variety of neon colors. The sneakers models a rebellion spirit of sports that marries an audacious spirit of it’s time. Inspiration for the model touches upon the fringes of sports, such as urban motocross.

Grab a more detailed look at each of the concept-driven Nike models releasing below. The collection will release at Nike retailers and later this month.

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