Nike SB’s Dunk Low “Panda Pigeon” Gets A Flock Of Release Dates

Jeff Staples makes his return to the Nike SB scene in 2019 with the release of the “Panda Pigeon” dunks. The shoe was originally a sample for the “Black Pigeon” dunks that was rejected. Jeff uploaded a few pics of the shoe and it caught fire on the internet and at Nike’s offices. They immediately contacted him because of the uproar and made these beauties come to life. The shoe has details from previous models and even the outsole boasts an all-over “Sneaker Riot” print taken from the New York Daily News’s headline the day after Staple’s original SB drop caused chaos on the Lower East Side.

Here is the list of release dates:

1/6 – Pre-order on the NTWRK Live app for $110 alongside special co-branded apparel

1/12 – Wzk Shanghai store with exclusive China apparel

1/13 – Chengdu Deal store with exclusive China apparel

1/13 – Nike SB skate shops

1/15 – Snkrs App

1/24 –

1/25 – Extra Butter in-store drop

Here’s some behind the scenes with Jeff Staples about the “Panda Pigeon”: