No Signal Makes Their Grand Opening In Atlanta

Opening their doors to the public this month in Atlanta, No Signal is quickly establishing itself as a utopia for the creative youth and a one-stop destination for anyone looking to add that next grail to their wardrobe. Emily Blackwell, the 22-year-old mastermind behind the company, recently gave me some insight into the background and message behind the name.

“I wanted to create a space here where the youth of Atlanta would feel they are welcome and included in the culture that they continuously create. Atlanta and our community here have been exploited heavily in the entertainment industry, but yet no one brought that back home. No Signal is designed to teach our clientele about the brands they are wearing while supporting local creatives by giving them a platform to be taken seriously. I try to include a heavy emphasis on Japanese labels as these are hard to come by, and frequently found only in the larger retailers and cities across the United States. Although, I personally specialize in Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier.”

As far as the name itself, the credit goes to their premiere photographer Calvin King. More widely recognized as a film photographer by the name of @zorrs on Instagram. “We wanted something that didn’t scream store, but that alluded to future thinking. When we think No Signal we want people to think “what is that?” allowing us the ability to really surprise people with what we do here,” said Blackwell. “I have an amazing team that has been tremendously supportive over this past year putting No Signal together. My photographers Calvin King and Josiah Rundles are well-known film and medium format shooters here in the city As well as the head of our styling creative Jalen Lust, also better known as @playboypoop on Instagram. As weird as it may be to the older generations, we ultimately all were just kids from Atlanta with an Instagram that decided to finally reach out and create something we could control instead of feeling suffocated by the markets in LA and NYC.”

As Atlanta continues to grow and influence pop culture it’s without a doubt No Signal will be the mecca of aspiring creatives, and a premier outlet for all fashion connoisseurs alike. Located at 130 Cone St. NW Atlanta, GA, anyone looking to expand or come up on their new favorite piece will be delighted at what the team has to offer. You can also follow No Signal on Instagram for daily updates and activities here, as well as visit their website, here.