OldNews Vintage Opens Shop in Charlotte and Takes Us Behind the Scenes

OldNews Vintage brings a new wave of one off vintage gear to the growing city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The store was once just an eBay endeavor that has now grown its way into a full brick and mortar shop packed with gems from the past. Founded by a passionate group with an eye for the rare and unusual, it could quickly become your new source for exclusive pieces and one of one merchandise.

I sat down with one of the owners, Nate Cyr, to talk shop and what we can expect to find in their new shop. Check out the interview below, plus get an exclusive look inside the shop before it officially opens its doors.

CF: How did everything start and what made you want to open the shop?

Nate: I was starting to get stressed out in NYC in various ways and my dog was getting ready to pass away, so I decided to go back to Charlotte to spend time with him. During that time, I was becoming distant from my NYC work life and needed to find another avenue of income while not having to get a job. I had an old acquaintance and now friend (junkyarddog704) who is an insane collector and hunter when it comes to this vintage clothing. Not only is he great at finding it, he knows what’s what and nothing gets by him. We linked up and had a few convos through my longtime friend Uncle Boof. From there we decided to start working with each other and get a brick & mortar location set up and expand his business from eBay.

Does OldNews have a story behind the name?

I had the name OldNews stuck in my head for months before even deciding on doing a shop and it was a perfect fit. Old stuff that’s new, new stuff that’s old.

Simple as that, it works. What is the scene like out in Charlotte for this sort of business?

The scene in Charlotte is slowly but surely building. It’s a city that’s only gotten bigger and bigger over the years and has a lot of room to become a destination for our country like Atlanta. We have a good mixture of true vintage, cool vintage, hype vintage, music, pop culture, etc. but we also don’t want to just cater to just the hype of it but a good combination of the two which works well for the demographics in our stores area.

What kind of product do you all bring in and what can we expect to see that might surprise us?

Anything and everything. We have so much it’s hard to pin point exactly what. There really isn’t much we do not find or carry but we can definitely say do not expect us to be like Round Two and build our name off of hype items, street fashion, etc. One of my personal prides in the items we have is our vintage trucker hat collection. There is a world there that no one knows about on a big level and I would love if we can be the ones to expose people to the culture behind them.

Sounds like a great assortment, do you have a favorite piece so far?

Too many amazing hats for me to have a favorite but as far as clothing it has to be my Nirvana UK In Utero Tour shirt. Never seen one before and from the reactions from it no one else has either. Got it for $20.

You all have been doing business online for some time now, who has been your most interesting customers so far?

My customers from Thailand. We have a few who we have built relationships with thru eBay, but they are by far the most interesting.

This shop isn’t all you do though, what are some of your other endeavors?

I work on a few things. My baby is LBS. but until I can give it my full attention it’s on pause. I can’t come half ass more than I already have with that. I also work on The Smokers Club, GoodTalk (coming soon) & Felt.

Where can the people follow you?

Follow me at @oldnewsnate or @friedvegetables, @junkyarddog704 @annacermak and @oldnewsvtg

Address: 3522 North Davidson St., North Carolina, 28205