Original Fani’s New Home Decor

If you are in the Atlanta area you are sure to have either purchased an Original Fani piece, or you’ve seen the iconic print out in the streets. The brand is not really known for producing many tees. He rather produce luxurious accessories that will take the place of some of  the pieces you may own. Looking to get rid of that old Bape rug you have in your room? You are in good luck because Fani has now turned his logo into a nice rug that is sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

The logo rug will only be available in a black and white color way which isn’t a bad thing. You can never go wrong with these colors, and the plushness of the rugs are sure to give an elegant feel to the room when you step in. They are quite sizable to say the least but I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to purchase two just incase they need to fill up more space. Look for more home decor to come from Fani. The logo is looking to be made into key chains and other miscellaneous pieces that will launch the brand into the lead for essential brands. Whether you know it or not Fani is making sure the identity of his brand is not only known, but can be found everywhere you look. Think about how Supreme has so many accessories out here that you can’t help but to find someone with something Supreme branded. Fani is taking his time making sure that when you do see his brand it is meaningful.

You will be able to grab a Original Fani logo rug Friday, March 1st here.